Another New University

This time it’s Caterpillar University

Following the establishment of the University of Law in the UK there is news of another, perhaps slightly surprising, seat of learning:  Caterpillar University. Actually it seems to have been around for more than a decade but I’ve only just noticed it:

Caterpillar University leads Caterpillar’s continual learning efforts by offering classes, e-learning, and development opportunities to sharpen the skills of our employees, dealers, suppliers, and customers. Caterpillar University has been building employees, Dealers, and suppliers since 2001. Expanding full circle, has been launched to provide that same valued training to our customers.

It’s a different kind of education on offer here

Material relevant to Operator Training, Safety Training, and Service Training can be conveniently found at one safety source:

Sharing knowledge and skills with customers:

    • Develops higher levels of expertise that enable customers to recognize value of their equipment
    • Enables customers to optimize product selection & performance
    • Improves overall quality & reach of relationships with customers

Working hand in hand with customers is of the upmost importance and beneficial to all, whether you own a Cat® machine or not. Get started on learning; visit

You have to say that on the basis of the courses on offer here – which range from ‘Aerial Work Platforms’ to ‘Confined Space Awareness’ and from ‘Ladder Safety’ to ‘Valve Basics’ – they aren’t going to be making a strong case for degree awarding powers in the UK any time soon. Whilst the organisation is clearly fulfilling a need for a certain kind of course it  is not a university or anything like it but this does go to show what uncontrolled use of the university title can lead to.

(With thanks to @GordonFThomas for drawing this to my attention.)

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