I want my very own prospectus

A novel approach to overcoming rising postage costs…

The initiative, developed by Anglia Ruskin University, cuts down on production and postage but has yet to prove whether it also brings an increase in the number of applications.

A traditional paper copy of a full prospectus from the university, which has campuses in Cambridge and Chelmsford, runs to around 200 pages and costs £1.60 to produce.

A personalised prospectus – which includes all university core information such as student services and accommodation, as well as information on up to four courses – has a maximum of 60 pages and costs just 80p to produce. Prospective students can, if they prefer, create their own tailor-made publication online using the university’s website, and then run it off as a PDF for free instead.

It’s quite a nice idea actually but printing it off yourself is certainly not “free”!

See the Guardian for the full story

See the University’s website for the offer – not actually quite as exciting as the newspaper article made it sound