Corruption all over

Really quite worrying UNESCO report All about corruption - in schools as well as HE. A lot of it, unsurprisingly, is on the web: Higher education corruption usually takes the form of fake universities, bogus degrees and accreditation fraud. The report found the number of fake universities on the internet offering bogus degrees had risen … Continue reading Corruption all over

We definitely want our degree back

Follow up to earlier post. Edinburgh's Senate has confirmed the decision as reported by the BBC. And other universities are considering this too: It is understood Michigan State University and The University of Massachusetts in the US are also considering stripping degrees from Mugabe.

Do we have too many degree courses?

And are they the right kind of courses? Or should we be following Melbourne's example? New students at Melbourne University, the country's second oldest, will, from January, start on one of just six broad-based degrees, in arts, bioscience, commerce, environments, music and science, rather than what used to be more than 90 courses. Amazed that … Continue reading Do we have too many degree courses?