An interesting new take on student support

See this service which will be launched in September:

Academic Support Ltd

I find it difficult to extract many positives from this (beyond grudging praise for web-based entrepreneurs) but can easily think of a whole series of concerns. Not least of which is that, however you dress it up, the qualifications expected of the tutors at the heart of the system are slightly below those of your typical academic.

1 thought on “An interesting new take on student support

  1. From an industrial and economical perspective, this service is fantastic, offering the type of high quality tuition that Universities disappointingly fail to provide (mainly due to under staffing and lack of quality one on one time). Having studied the offering and the company ethos, it becomes clear that there is no intention to provide a ‘copy cat’ service as most other so called ‘support services’ apparently deliver.

    Lets hope the Universities cease the opportunity to make clear progress in eradicating plagiarism and the current mob of ‘cut and paste’ students who cheat their way into these privileged places, and then they do finally scrape through wit a poor degree – and undoubtedly end up proving nothing to the world of industry, other than the growing impressions of a substandard education system – which is currently forcing us to source skilled labour from other countries.

    Well done – and good luck.

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