All shall have academies

Ed Balls has announced that every university should be working on an academy.

Ed Balls, the new Schools Secretary, used his inaugural speech to the House of Commons to call for an accelerated expansion of the academy programme. Mr Balls said he now wanted “every university to actively engage with academies” – the so-called independent state schools created by former prime minister, Tony Blair. And he unveiled a list of nine universities which were to join the academy programme and announced financial incentives for more universities to follow.


And from the dcsf a bit more detail on the institutions currently involved (of which the University of Nottingham is, of course, one of the front runners):

The Government would like every university to sponsor an Academy, and already a number of universities have expressed interest: Imperial College; University of Manchester; University of Aston; University of Nottingham; University of Central England; University of Wolverhampton; University College, London; Queen Mary, University of London; University of Kent; and University of the West of England.

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