Getting cross about league tables

Nice snippet in the Cambridge Evening News on the latest league table which has just appeared in the Telegraph (note that it appears rather similar in methodology to the table which used to appear in the Times).

The vice chancellor at Anglia Ruskin:

has come out fighting, describing the report as a “dreadful” piece of work totally lacking in credibility.

He said: “This is just about the most appalling piece of work I have ever seen in my 30 years in higher education. For a start there are 24 universities which are not even on the list. Anyone using this table as a guide about where to study is likely to be seriously misled.

“There are reputable league tables out there, but this is a dreadful piece of work. Does anyone really think Aston is better than Nottingham University? It is little more than a random collection of statistics leading to random rankings.

Hard to disagree with this line (especially the penultimate sentence) although if the rankings were genuinely random then it is unlikely that Cambridge and Oxford would always end up first or second on the list.

2 thoughts on “Getting cross about league tables

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