Latest university league table joy: a summary

Typical. You wait ages for a new set of university rankings and then several show up in just a couple of weeks.

First of the latest batch (as previously reported in an earlier post) appeared in the Telegraph late July. Derived from the Good University Guide which has more detailed information than the paper. University of Nottingham in 15th place.

Bizarrely released on A level results day – which might suggest they are not totally proud of the results – the new Times league table does seem to have been put together in something of a hurry.

U of Ox

The reduced number (and slightly odd mix) of subject tables is disappointing but the rise of Exeter up the table will surprise a few people (except perhaps the compilers who just happen to be a spin off from the University concerned). Oxford wins by the way.

Amusingly, along with some other overall statistics, the Times includes a specific table which simply lists the absolute numbers of male and female students at particular universities. Unsurprisingly, the institutions which have the most students overall feature prominently here.

Then the Shanghai Jiao Tong University World Rankings pop up. Now in its 5th year, the SJTU table has acquired impressive international recognition. Shows University of Nottingham as 9th in the UK and 81st in the world. This year they have added a small number of broad subject field tables too.

Continuing the international theme then, we have the US News and World Report rankings. This is of course a quite different proposition but is particularly interesting in marking out the possible future for other league tables (eg alumni involvement, fundraising, peer review). Note though that they make you pay for the full rankings. Doesn’t seem fair.

So, an interesting set of tables. Sunday Times is due out before too long and then we will have the full set for 2007. Happy days.

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