New league table amusement

An outstanding new table from the École des Mines de Paris


The École des Mines de Paris is proposing a new international classification of higher education institutions with regard to the performance of their training programmes, based on the professional future of their alumni. The criterion chosen for this new classification is the number of alumni among the Chief Executive Officers of the 500 leading worldwide companies. The governing principle of this classification is very different from that of the Shanghai ranking, which is based essentially on the performance of higher education institutions in research.

This really is great. 500 CEOs, 338 different institutions. Most of the institutions listed boast a connection with only one or two CEOs. Which makes you question why they bothered (unless you come from the University of Huddersfield of course, in which case this is the best league table going).

(With thanks to Professor Ken Starkey for drawing this one to my attention)

2 thoughts on “New league table amusement

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