In-house Facebook?

According to Business Week, this is what the big companies are now doing, ie providing an internal social networking alternative.

water cooler

By luring employees into a network, companies hope to leverage their skills and contacts. But they also hope that all that collaboration will cut out time that’s now spent mailing documents and e-mailing comments.

A bit optimistic perhaps. Seems questionable whether such homegrown facebook alternatives will actually provide a substitute for the real thing or just an additional channel. And how comprehensive is Sharepoint in any case?

1 thought on “In-house Facebook?

  1. Why reinvent the wheel though? Why not just use Facebook?

    Round at ours we are considering starting a staff group, which people would voluntarily join, with a news feed application which people could choose to have.

    This was the topic of much discussion at an Internal Comms shindig in London yesterday – opinion was divided between those who didn’t want to have their boss as ‘their friend’ and those who thought that differential access permissions were designed for just such a purpose.

    Apparently Government departments are now shutting down access to Facebook – this seems daft when such networks at work are a way of overcoming deep silos and leveraging personal networks to get stuff done without worrying about internal politics and red tape… Social capital in fact.

    (Nothing like a conference for firing up the enthusiasm!)

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