Not another transcendental university

That’s all we need

Not entirely clear from the Guardian story exactly how the “Invincible Donovan University” will qualify for the award of the university title but guess these things will just kind of happen:

donovan lynch

Donovan claimed that the practice of transcendental meditation would enhance the learning experience. “It will be a normal university but will also be very, very different because of its potential that will be unfolding because of an extraordinary technique which I learnt when I was in India with the Beatles in 1968,” he said. “It’s called transcendental meditation and it has been applied for many years in different educational programmes with astounding results.”

Sounds like he’s already gearing up for the QAA visit. Mellow.

His partner in peace, David Lynch, should be a help there too. Can’t believe they were given serious air time on the Today programme to promote this.


Closing Oxbridge?

Not quite.

But in a recent entertaining debate in the US, it was proposed that three members of the Ivy league – Harvard, Yale and Princeton – be shut down altogether. A fanciful notion but it clearly gave rise to lots of deep-seated prejudice – largely from those who weren’t admitted in the past it would seem.

U of Ox

A similar proposition here in relation to Oxford and Cambridge (with all of their resources being distributed across the Russell Group, presumably) would attract even more enthusiastic (if misguided) support would be my guess.