RAE results predictor?

Predicting RAE outcomes before the submission


Interesting RAE pre-results (by 13 months) commentary in The Guardian

According to a league table based on research impact, PhD numbers and income – which was drawn up by Evidence for EducationGuardian.co.uk – the frontrunners will remain the big research players, known as the “golden diamond”: Imperial and University College London, Oxbridge and Manchester universities. All five do well in terms of the impact of the research papers their academics have published, the income they get from research and the numbers of PhDs who completed between 2002 and 2006. These are the so called “metrics” that will be used to rank university research in the future.

(Aside: since when has it been a “golden diamond”? Isn’t it really a pentagon? And the inclusion of Manchester would actually require it to be an octagon according to the table below)

The league table is also published here and institutions are ranked according to an average score of each of the variables.

The variables are:

    – Impact and papers – describes how many times more than the world average (unique to subject area) the papers have been cited between 2002 and 2006 in peer-reviewed journals

    – Research grant and contract income, 2002-06

    – Number of PhDs completed 2002-06

Key research metrics for UK HEIs 2002-06
University rankings which emerge under this methodology (see here for detailed results):

    1 Oxford
    2 Cambridge
    3 Imperial College
    4 UCL
    5 Edinburgh
    6 King’s College London
    7 Birmingham
    8 Manchester
    9 Glasgow
    10 Bristol
    11 Southampton
    12 Sheffield
    13 Leeds
    14 Cardiff
    15 Nottingham
    16 Newcastle
    17 Liverpool
    18 Durham
    19 Queen Mary, London
    20 Leicester

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