Questionable universities

Good and detailed report from the BBC on this particular institution: “Bogus university scam uncovered”.

An international education scam that targets foreign students who come to study in the capital has been exposed by a BBC London investigation. The bogus Irish International University (IIU), which offers sub-standard and worthless degrees, has been allowed to flourish in the UK – virtually unchecked by government – for the last seven years. Although the organisation is unaccredited, hundreds of students have been given educational visas to enter Britain and take its exams at private colleges in London. The IIU, which has 5,000 students worldwide and thousands of graduates, maintains the illusion of a valid education through its elaborate but highly misleading website. This illusion is enhanced by the university’s continued use of Oxford and Cambridge facilities to stage its award ceremonies.

The website for the Irish International University itself is worth a look.

Intl u

You keep digging but just can’t find anything which would suggest that this is a genuine university or indeed who its international partners are.

1 thought on “Questionable universities

  1. I have about 60MB of screenshots and other materials that shows how much this scam is issuing fake degrees. I collected the material while doing my own investigation on Irish International University and other sister institutions, a year before BBC did their own investigation. Material includes headshots of people with their gowns and their choice of degree and “area of specialisation”. Just tell me how I can share it with you and I will.

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