The Times 2009 League Table

Is just out and can be viewed here. Top 20 is: 1 Oxford 2 Cambridge 3 Imperial College 4 London School of Economics 5 St Andrews 6 Warwick 7 University College London 8 Durham 9 York 10 Bristol 11 King's College London 12 Loughborough 13 Exeter 14 Leicester 15 Bath 16= Nottingham 16= Southampton 18 … Continue reading The Times 2009 League Table

Three lectures an hour?

Is online provision going to dictate the University timetable in future? Nice piece in the Chronicle on this. The story includes an interesting (worrying?!) commentary about a communications lecturer, a Mr Kehoe: When he teaches an hourlong class, he now breaks his material up into sections so he can stop every 15 minutes or so … Continue reading Three lectures an hour?

New additions to iTunes U

As reported by the BBC, UCL, the OU and Trinity have joined the iTunes U stable along with a group of other non-US universities. It remains to be seen whether they will reach the top 10 with any of their offerings but one of the UCL presentations is a bit different: the University's annual report … Continue reading New additions to iTunes U