“Green” University league table

The People and Planet "Green League" Another fun league table here but really makes all of the others look like models of objectivity and statistical rigour. From THE 1 Gloucestershire (last year 5th) 2 Plymouth (2) 3 UWE (8th) 4 Anglia Ruskin (8th) 5 Loughborough (38th) 5 Cambridge (8th) 5 Central Lancashire (50) 8 Leeds … Continue reading “Green” University league table

Taking “enhancing the student experience” too far?

Interesting piece in the Chronicle about the student experience at High Point University (where "every student receives an extraordinary education in a fun environment with caring people"). The features apparently include: valet parking a hot tub in the middle of the campus an ice-cream truck that circles the campus giving out free ice creams etc … Continue reading Taking “enhancing the student experience” too far?