Taking “enhancing the student experience” too far?

Interesting piece in the Chronicle about the student experience at High Point University (where “every student receives an extraordinary education in a fun environment with caring people”). The features apparently include:



  • valet parking
  • a hot tub in the middle of the campus
  • an ice-cream truck that circles the campus giving out free ice creams etc
  • live music in the cafeteria
  • Snack kiosks around the campus offer free bananas, pretzels, and drinks
  • Gifts are left for students in their halls for when they return from breaks.

Perhaps most scarily:

Birthdays are big events at High Point. Each undergraduate — and there are 2,000 — receives a birthday card from the university, signed by the president, with a Starbucks gift card tucked inside. Plus balloons. What’s more, when birthday boys and girls visit the cafeteria, their ID cards electronically alert the kitchen staff. The staff then fixes a slice of cake, and the featured musicians sing “Happy Birthday.”

All is overseen by “a director of WOW!”. How long before we have one of those at a UK university? And might free ice cream help those NSS scores?

1 thought on “Taking “enhancing the student experience” too far?

  1. I think it’s a great idea – think how successful Google are at improving productivity and happiness – their offices are as modern, happy and fun as you can get. I really do think it will have positive effect – wish they did it at my uni!

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