Hello Freshers: welcoming new students to university

Welcoming new students…

Universities seems to have got an awful lot better at induction in recent years. Judging though by the Cornell University New Students site, UK institutions have quite a long way yet to go.

Although the volume of support material does look a bit overwhelming, it is well organised and accessible. From a UK perspective, the sheer scale of the student support infrastructure is awesome. There is much here we can learn from.


1 thought on “Hello Freshers: welcoming new students to university

  1. Paul,

    Very interesting. This has been an area for increased focus in UK institutions as well as those in the US. Indeed, here at Nottingham we have developed a new site for international students along similar lines http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/pathways/international_route_1
    which offers advice and support in a number of ways including the use of video, interactive exercises and use of text. It went live this September and is part of the wider Pathways programme which is designed to support students as they make the transition to university
    and which is growing and developing as we utilise richer and more attractive materials. Colleagues across the campus have been providing excellent input into this and we hope it continues to develop and grow with further student input and comment.


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