RAE 2008: Results and rankings

RAE 2008 results are now out (effective 18 December 2008) Many, many ways to calculate rankings from the data but arguably the most authoritative and convincing one comes from Research Fortnight: Research Fortnight Power Rankings 2008 1 Oxford 2 Cambridge 3 UCL 4 Manchester 5 Edinburgh 6 Imperial 7 Nottingham 8 Leeds 9 Sheffield 10 … Continue reading RAE 2008: Results and rankings

Chemical Christmas

What element would you like for Christmas? The "Periodic Table of Videos" team, along with a few other people at the University of Nottingham's School of Chemistry, have provided some answers. Best of all, they are accompanied by the no doubt soon to be famous, Chemical Sisters.

90 years of Universities UK: exciting book of facts

Universities UK celebrates 90 years To mark this notable event, and presumably to provide stocking fillers for many lucky Vice-Chancellors, UUK has released an exciting book of facts: Did you know that the first official rules of football were influenced by student footballers at the University of Cambridge Football Club? Or that the University of … Continue reading 90 years of Universities UK: exciting book of facts