Listening to Students (not all of them though, obviously)

DIUS has developed its ‘listening to students’ approach with a new(ish) blog:


Listening to Students

Whilst very early days and not a lot of content yet it strikes me as a fair effort to find one route to engage. How diligent the Ministers will be in recording their conversations and the issues raised will be interesting to note.

Listening to Students is the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills’ new blog for students. It will give students, and those with an interest in the student experience, an opportunity to read and see what students are saying to Ministers at these university visits.

Let’s see if it takes off.

1 thought on “Listening to Students (not all of them though, obviously)

  1. Good to see you’re following the blog!

    Any feedback would be welcome or suggestions for ways we can make it more engaging, accessible etc.

    Sam Jones
    DIUS Comms

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