RAE Funding Results

RAE funding results out

Following the results published in December 2008.

Handy summaries of research funding outcomes are published by the Times Higher Education. Resources have been spread more thinly and there are some perhaps surprising recipients of significant growth in research income:

Biggest winners by cash increase (growth, % increase)

University of Nottingham, £9,685,797, up 23.6%
University of Oxford, £8,769,293, 8.0%
Queen Mary, £7,282,125, 29.4%
University of Liverpool, £6,420,263, up 19.5%
Loughborough University, £5,965,970, 36.9%
University of Bristol £5,607,884, up 12.6%
London School of Hygiene, £4,980,410, 46.5%
University of Plymouth, £4,868,489, 125.8%
Brunel University, £4,542,356, 54.5%
University of Kent, £3,779,827, 46.4%
Cranfield University, £3,621,707, 36.8%
University of Exeter, £3,550,318, 24.4%
City University London, £3,425,676, 50.3%
University of the West of England, £3,342,120, 121.6%
The Open University, £3,323,539, 44.9%

Good news for some of us but some institutions have lost out.

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