Research universities should consider merging

Research universities should "consider merging" According to a report of a speech by Nigel Thrift, vice-chancellor of Warwick: The top 30 could merge, either with each other or with big American universities, and contemplate bringing in more private providers or collaborate together more formally. Foreign merger or takeover might solve chronic university underfunding, he said, … Continue reading Research universities should consider merging

Impact of the Budget on higher education

Savings needed? No need to think about it, just cut the administration. John Denham has written to HEFCE on the impact of the Budget. This is a significant letter from the Secretary of State but it doesn't quite say what the Guardian is reporting. The paper's headline states: "Universities told to cut admin costs, not … Continue reading Impact of the Budget on higher education

New Guardian 2010 UK University League Table

New Guardian 2010 UK University League Table The Guardian's latest table is now available and the top 30 overall rankings are: 1    (1)    Oxford 2    (2)    Cambridge 3    (5)    St Andrews 4    (4)    Warwick 5    (3)    London School of Economics 6    (7)    UCL 7    (9)    Edinburgh 8    (6)    Imperial College 9    (13)    Bath 10    (10)   … Continue reading New Guardian 2010 UK University League Table

Social Media in Admissions

According to the Chronicle: Social Media in Admissions: No Longer a Choice: College-admissions offices overwhelmingly consider social media important for recruiting students, and more institutions are creating blogs and online profiles, new studies show. Thirty-three percent of admissions offices kept blogs in 2007, and 29 percent maintained social-networking profiles, according to a report released today by … Continue reading Social Media in Admissions