Push UK university league table

Apologies for the delay…

Old news really but earlier this year Push published a league table based on some rather idiosyncratic criteria:

  • Financial indicators
  • Job prospects
  • Academic indicators
  • Ease of entry and demand
  • Student life indicators


The results are a little surprising perhaps but certainly a bit different from the mainstream newspaper tables:

1 Lampeter, University of Wales
2 Heythrop College, University of London
3 Stirling University
4 School of Pharmacy, Uni of London
5 University of St Andrews
6 St George’s, University of London
7 Harper Adams University College
8 Bishop Grosseteste University College
9 King’s College, London
10 University of Edinburgh
11 University of Bristol
12 University of Cambridge
13 University of Nottingham
14 Leicester University
15 University of East Anglia
16 University of Manchester
17 University of Hull
18 University of York
19 Swansea University
20 LSE

1 thought on “Push UK university league table

  1. As someone who has attended a number of summer schools at Lampeter, I’m not at all surprised by its position in this list.

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