Another view on Honorary Degrees

Another view on Honorary Degrees Following an earlier post, here we have a slightly different take, this time from the Daily Mail: Degree day at a university in 21st-century Britain...'And our honorary doctorates this year,' he intones, 'go to . . .' And the crowd tenses, expecting the name of some international polymath with numerous … Continue reading Another view on Honorary Degrees

Another top 100 global universities ranking

A league table with a slightly different emphasis Top 10 of the Top 100 Global universities ranking: 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 2 California Institute of Technology, USA 3 University of Tokyo, Japan 4 Columbia University, USA 5 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia 6 Harvard University, USA 7 Stanford University, USA 8 University of … Continue reading Another top 100 global universities ranking

“Top scholars should lead research universities”

Top scholars should lead research universities: Review of fascinating new work in University World News. Research universities should be led by brilliant scholars and not merely talented managers, says Warwick University fellow Amanda Goodall. It is not sufficient for leaders to have management skills alone, Goodall states in a new book. In Socrates in the … Continue reading “Top scholars should lead research universities”

Changes in university email?

From the Chronicle: Are College E-Mail Addresses on the Way Out? A report from Educause on IT issues in higher education suggests that provision of university email addresses for students may be a thing of the past. It found, among other things, that in 2008 nearly 10 percent of associate, baccalaureate, and master’s institutions as … Continue reading Changes in university email?

Facebook for Scientists?

Researchers need networks too A report in the Chronicle notes: A $12.2-million federal stimulus grant from the National Institutes of Health will finance a network some are calling a Facebook for scientists. Several universities, including Cornell University and the University of Florida, will develop the network over the next two years in the hopes of … Continue reading Facebook for Scientists?

World’s Best Universities: Another Top 200

World's Best Universities: Top 200 from US News and World Report Slighly misleading this as is the same league table as previously published by THE. What is a little more interesting is that, from next year, THE will be using a different compiler but QS will, it seems, be continuing to partner with US News. … Continue reading World’s Best Universities: Another Top 200

Shanghai Jaio Tong league table: Field Rankings

World league table: Field rankings Following the publication of the World League Table, the ARWU Field rankings have been released. These are the companion tables to the overall world rankings produced by the team at SJTU and highlight relative standings in five broad discipline areas: Natural Sciences and Mathematics Engineering/Technology and Computer Science Life and … Continue reading Shanghai Jaio Tong league table: Field Rankings

Shanghai Jiao Tong World Ranking 2009

2009 Shanghai Jiao Tong University League Table just published…. The latest SJTU rankings for 2009 have now been published. Harvard is again top as in 2007 and 2008, and Cambridge remains in 4th position and top from the UK. Top 20 as follows: 1 Harvard University 2 Stanford University 3 University of California – Berkeley … Continue reading Shanghai Jiao Tong World Ranking 2009

Higher ambitions…

New HE Framework Follow up to earlier post on HE as food-labelling: Lord Mandelson has launched Higher Ambitions. There's a lot in here and much of it yet to be fully fleshed out. And the much trailed element on improved consumer information still requires some work: All universities should publish a standard set of information … Continue reading Higher ambitions…

Higher education as food labelling

Food labelling for university courses From the BBC website: School leavers applying to English universities will get more data about courses under government plans to treat them more like consumers. A food labelling-style system will flag up teaching hours, career prospects and seminar frequency, says the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. On Tuesday, it … Continue reading Higher education as food labelling