Ranking Systems Clearinghouse

A serious attempt to help us all make sense of all this difficult league table business. The Institute for Higher Education Policy’s (IHEP) Ranking Systems Clearinghouse provides a road map of this complex rankings landscape, offering annotated links to these national and international ranking systems and to research about rankings world-wide. It is an outgrowth … Continue reading Ranking Systems Clearinghouse

On Student fees (from Mark Harrison’s Blog)

From Mark Harrison's blog - Student Fees: Four Myths and a Certainty Professor Mark Harrison (economist) offers an intelligent, well-argued, timely and rather pithy contribution to the fees debate: Student fees are in the news again. These are the top-up fees paid by British and EU students to take degree courses at British universities, presently … Continue reading On Student fees (from Mark Harrison’s Blog)

Student protest, California style

What Do We Want? Lots of Stuff! When Do We Want It? Now! Following up earlier post on student protest lessons in the UK, the Chronicle has a good story about the modest demands made by students at the University of California. A series of student protests at the University of California last month centered … Continue reading Student protest, California style

Students to learn how to protest

Innovative teaching and learning approaches at Sheffield Hallam At one time student protest was as much a part of university life as getting drunk on Freshers' Week. Now a university is giving some of its politics students lessons in how to campaign and take direct action. The Sheffield Hallam students will have to conduct an … Continue reading Students to learn how to protest

Comparing prominent league tables

Useful league table overview article by Gavin Moodie A nice piece this which offers a good overview of international rankings. For example: Of the various ratings of institutions idealists prefer the approach pioneered in Germany by the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung or Centre for Higher Education Development - CHE. In 1998 the centre launched a well … Continue reading Comparing prominent league tables

University Targets Overweight Students

Students have to take exercise in order to graduate Students at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania are upset about a school rule requiring overweight students to take an exercise course in order to graduate. The rule applies to students with a body mass index above 30. James DeBoy, chair of the Department of Health, Physical Education … Continue reading University Targets Overweight Students

Record Numbers of International Students in U.S.

A very good year The US has a had a good year in terms of international student recruitment: The number of foreign students attending American colleges hit an all-time high in 2008, capping three consecutive years of vigorous growth, according to new data from the Institute of International Education. Some 671,616 international students attended U.S. … Continue reading Record Numbers of International Students in U.S.