University Targets Overweight Students

Students have to take exercise in order to graduate

Students at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania are upset about a school rule requiring overweight students to take an exercise course in order to graduate. The rule applies to students with a body mass index above 30. James DeBoy, chair of the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at Lincoln University, says the school officials believe that its their responsibility to alert students to the dangers of obesity.

via Pa. University Targets Overweight Students : NPR

So, is it discrimination? Nanny state-ism gone mad? Or benign concern for student health and well-being?

The story also appears in the Guardian, which reports that:

The course includes walking, cycling, aerobics and lessons in healthy diet. Students who fail to take it will not graduate, no matter how good their academic performance has been.

and also notes that, somewhat paradoxically:

Despite having introduced its controversial policy, it still allows KFC and the Grill to operate inside the campus, serving up double crunch sandwiches and fried mozzarella sticks to all-too-appreciative students.

One thought on “University Targets Overweight Students

  1. Great post! I love the way you wrote. It is one of the main thing that people would understand and apply in their daily life.. But the sad thing here is, students are getting fat due to lack of self confidence and they just didnt notice it..

    I already added your feed to my reader, hoping to learn a lot more on your post.

    However, has anyone else can suggest any other related topic for me to search on for more information?

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