Global Institutional Profiles Project

Interesting announcement this, linked to the latest Times Higher league table developments:

Thomson Reuters, a global leader in providing information, will address industry concerns over current profile systems with the Global Institutional Profiles Project. The 21st century research institution has many fluid layers, and Thomson Reuters is committed to developing an equally robust and dynamic dataset. The Profiles Project, launched in 2009, rests on the principle that one size does not fit all—as the world continues to flatten and specialize, profile databases must broaden in scope, deepen in content, and become increasingly flexible.

Our aim with the Global Institutional Profiles Project, which includes our work with Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings, is to develop a data source that provides the best informed and most effective resource to build profiles of universities and research-based institutions around the world. The Profiles Project will create data-driven portraits of globally significant research institutions, combining peer review, scholarly outputs, citation patterns, funding levels, and faculty characteristics in one comprehensive database. Thomson Reuters also brings a celebrated legacy of data transparency to the Profiles Project, operating with clear methodology and data gathering practices.

via Thomson Reuters

Whatever this actually means, and how they decide to represent the ‘fluid layers’ of the 21st century research institution, remains to be seen. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

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