Election 2010: Why the environment is an electoral non-issue

Why the environment is an electoral non-issue

Excellent and (obviously) timely new blog from the University of Nottingham School of Politics and International Relations. An extract from a typical post:

Ask people if they think the environment is an important issue, and they will tell you that it certainly is. A ‘great deal’ or ‘fair amount’ of concern about global warming is reported by 67% of the British public respondents in the UK, and 84% of car drivers are ‘very’, or ‘fairly’, concerned about the effect of transport on climate change (indeed drivers show a higher level of concern for the effect of transport on climate change than non-drivers). But ask people if they are willing to pay for environmental improvements and that support tends to disappear. Whilst 84% of those car drivers were concerned, only 18% were willing to pay higher taxes on their car for the sake of the environment.

Interesting stuff. Election 2010 offers well-informed and pithy comment on key issues in the run up to the election and will be well worth coming back to.

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