The Times: 2011 University League Table

2011 University Rankings published by The Times Not huge changes here with the exception of the remarkable jump by Lancaster, up from outside the top 20 to a top 10 slot. Not entirely clear from the data why this should be. 1 Oxford (1) 2 Cambridge (2) 3 Imperial College (3) 4 St Andrews (4) … Continue reading The Times: 2011 University League Table

Bristol University launches volunteering award

Volunteering award at Bristol University According to the Guardian, Bristol has launched a volunteering award: Organised volunteering and work experience has long been a vital companion to university degree courses. Usually it is left to employers to deduce the potential from a list of extracurricular adventures on a graduate's CV, but now the University of … Continue reading Bristol University launches volunteering award

2010 Independent League Table

Latest Independent league table First of the new season's UK tables has just been published by the Independent. Full details of the institutional and subject rankings are provided by the Complete University Guide which can be found here. There isn't much change at the top but the most striking thing is the inclusion for the … Continue reading 2010 Independent League Table

Latest Asian University Rankings

Latest Asian University Rankings QS have just published their latest rankings of universities in Asia. No huge surprises in the top 20 but a few ups and downs. Hong Kong, South Korean and Japanese institutions dominant but NUS seems to have had an impressive leap. It will be interesting to see how this plays out … Continue reading Latest Asian University Rankings

Rankings influence rankings

Academics, too, can be led astray by rankings According to a new study reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, it's not only prospective students who are swayed by league tables. It seems that academics' opinions can be distorted by rankings, even when judging a university's quality in their own subject. The fault appears to … Continue reading Rankings influence rankings

Universities accused of pressuring students on NSS

"Pressuring" students on NSS According to the Telegraph some institutions have been trying to persuade students to give them decent scores in the NSS: Eight British universities were reported to the higher education funding body recently over allegations that they had encouraged students to respond positively to the annual National Student Survey. Documents released under … Continue reading Universities accused of pressuring students on NSS

On the QS World University Rankings Methodology

QS defends its ranking methodology Following the split from THE, and recent critique by that publication of its approach, QS has been setting out a robust defence of its methodology: Following the end in 2009 of a six-year collaboration between the two organisations, Times Higher Education has launched a campaign of criticism of the QS … Continue reading On the QS World University Rankings Methodology