New University League Table iPhone App

New League Table iPhone App

QS, compilers of world university league tables, have produced an iPhone app so rankings are never out of reach. My life is now complete.

2 thoughts on “New University League Table iPhone App

  1. I was told at one of the Nottingham Talent Roadshow’s that the university is currently writing its next university plan, and that it would welcome input from former students. Here’s my opinion.

    The last plan for 2007-10 made no mention of targets for domestic rankings, which many other university plans seem to do (see Exeter, St Andrews, Manchester etc). I would suggest setting up a body to replace the now defunct Performance Indicator Task Group, which reports to the senate/council the university’s performance in things such as newspaper rankings and how to improve if needed.

    Certain targets can be set as a good reputational management tool, say being in the top 15 in all tables by 2012, and top 10 by 2015 (shouldnt be too hard as Notts was in the top 10 from 1993-2005) Its all well and good having a healthy bottom line, excellent research income, links with other universities etc, but prospective applicants and researchers do not look at such intangibles. How a university performs in simple metrics such as league tables are treated as a guide to reputation and prestige.

    Also another important goal should be to return the entry tariff back to its old level of 430+, although I see that the current plan does state this as an objective.

    1. Dear John

      Many thanks for this – we are working hard behind the scenes on these things and will feed in your comments



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