What is an education hub?

And can anyone join in?

According to a brief report in the Chronicle of Higher Education there are lots of them about:

Two hundred and fifty locations in the world talk about being “education hubs,” said Peter Upton, country director for the British Council in Hong Kong. Eight of those locales regard themselves as “world class” education hubs. Mr. Upton predicted that by 2015, China will be a net importer of students, instead of an exporter as it is now. Hong Kong is one location that is enormously popular with students from mainland China. The University of Hong Kong, for example, had 8,000 applicants from the mainland in 2009 for 273 available places.

The global higher education market is undoubtedly changing. But surely there really isn’t enough room for 250 education hubs?


2 thoughts on “What is an education hub?

  1. You are absolutely right level of education. nowadays must take a falling. I like your blog that you shared this information via the blog. Education is very important so all this should be poised.

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