True Crime on Campus

True Crime on Campus

The following reports were taken from campus police logs as reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education.


    May 21

    Intimidation. ODU Student reported unknown persons left a note on the windshield of her vehicle, accusing her of sleeping with someone’s boyfriend and threatening to make her life hell, while parked in the 1200 block W. 45th Street. She reports not having a boyfriend and feels it was left by mistake.


    5:29 p.m., June 7

    Theft. Upon arrival, I met with a UT student who stated her Louis Vuitton wallet with about $8 in it was stolen from a third-floor locker in the University Teaching Center.


    12:30 p.m., June 9

    Inner campus sidewalks. An employee struck a student with a golf cart on the sidewalk between Carlson Education and Ham Fine Arts after the employee became distracted. The student was transported to the hospital.


    12:42 a.m., June 22

    Motorist assist. S6 advised they have received multiple calls regarding a squirrel trapped inside a silver 1998 Honda Civic parked on campus. S6 advised a message was left with the owner advising them and will assist if needed.

    9:42 p.m., July 8

    Off-campus assist. P3 requested PSU 4 assist to locate a male subject that is reported to be walking on Route 3 carrying a full sheet of plywood.

I rather like these. Mainly because they complement my own collection of incidents from several universities over the years. A few of my favourites, from the UK:

    0615 Security were requested to Lincoln Hall as a Conference Delegate asked for a plaster as her shoes were rubbing. Security attended and a plaster was provided.

    1900 Report of a Bouncy Castle being used in the Portland Building Security attended. The Egyptian Society had put the Castle up and a large number of children were using it without supervision. The organisers where asked to take it down.

    1230 Report that a Student had fallen down the steps at the front of the George Green Library. Security attended and gave First Aid and a Security vehicle took the Student to the QMC. The cause of the accident was that the Student was texting and not looking where they were going.

    0210 Report of a Tarantula Spider in a room in Southwell Hall. Security attended and were told the Spider had gone under the bed. After a careful search by Security Officers, a small house spider was captured and removed from Campus. The occupant of the room confirmed that the spider was the one they had seen.

    1630 Report of Sheep loose on Melton Lane. Security contacted Staff to round them up.

Shocking stuff, I’m sure you’d agree.

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