Sunday Times 2011 University League Table

Sunday Times League Table 2011

No radical changes here with the top four places remaining the same. LSE improves somewhat and York drops out of the top 10 but otherwise there isn’t a great deal of movement in the top 20 (although some welcome upward steps for the University of Nottingham):

(last year’s position in brackets)

1 (1) University of Oxford
2 (2) University of Cambridge
3 (3) Imperial College London
4 (4) University College London
5 (9) LSE
6 (7) Durham University
7 (5) University of St Andrews
8 (6) University of Warwick
9 (11) University of Bath
10 (13) King’s College London
11 (10) University of Bristol
12 (14) University of Nottingham
13 (8) University of York
14 (15=) University of Edinburgh
15 (18) University of Sheffield
16 (15=) Loughborough University
17 (17) University of Exeter
18= (20=) University of Birmingham
18= (12) University of Southampton
20 (24=) Newcastle University

Full details are available in the online Sunday Times Guide (subscription required). Lots of information here about the individual indicators and subject rankings too. There is also the DIY option – you can play about with weightings to influence the outcome yourself. You have to work quite hard to change the results significantly though.


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