New 2010 Times Higher Education World University Rankings

2010 Times Higher Education World University Rankings

The new THE world rankings are out and available here. New method, new rankings and some pretty big changes in the top 200. However, to look at the top 20 you wouldn’t think there was an awful lot going on here (unless perhaps you were Cambridge). And Harvard is on top (unlike in the recent QS table where they were usurped by Cambridge).

1 Harvard University
2 California Institute of Technology
4 Stanford University
5 Princeton University
=6 University of Cambridge
=6 University of Oxford
8 University of California, Berkeley
9 Imperial College London
10 Yale University
11 University of California, Los Angeles
12 University of Chicago
13 Johns Hopkins University
14 Cornell University
=15 University of Michigan
=15 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
17 University of Toronto
18 Columbia University
19 University of Pennsylvania
20 Carnegie Mellon University

The bigger surprises come beyond the top 20 where UK universities generally seem to slip. Indeed, three Russell Group institutions fail to show at all in the top 200 (Warwick, Cardiff, Queen’s) whereas others do rather well (eg York, Sussex). The early press reporting on the table in the UK is generally leading on the poor showing of British institutions. More to follow on this.