New THE World University Rankings 2010: UK positions

New THE World University Rankings 2010: UK positions

14 UK universities appear in the top 100, a few of them are new arrivals in this territory:

6= Cambridge
6= Oxford
9 Imperial College
22 University College London
40 University of Edinburgh
68= University of Bristol
77 King’s College London
79= University of Sussex
81= University of York
86 LSE
85 Durham University
87 University of Manchester
88 Royal Holloway
90= University of Southampton

And then in the next 100 there are 14 more:

103 St Andrews
120= Queen Mary
124= Lancaster University
128 University of Glasgow
137 University of Sheffield
145= University of Birmingham
149= University of Aberdeen
152= Birkbeck
152= Newcastle University
165= University of Liverpool
168= University of Leeds
174= University of East Anglia
174= University of Nottingham
184 University of Exeter

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