True Crime on Campus §4

True Crime on Campus

Some more shocking reports from the front line of campus life for the 300th post on Registrarism:

2225 Report that persons unknown had thrown water through a bedroom window in Lenton and Wortley Hall wetting some clothes.

0410 Report of Students causing a disturbance outside Rutland Hall. Security attended and spoke to seven Students who were making a lot of noise and very drunk. The Students were asked to keep the noise down as other Students still had exams. The Students tried to bribe Security Officers with spaghetti before returning quietly to their Halls of residence.

2358 A Student requested the room fridge be removed from his room, as it smelt. Security attended and the fridge was removed. The Student stated the reason it smelt was that he had spilled milk in it. The Student is to contact the Hall Staff.

1645 Report of youths urinating and spitting on vehicles. The youths were also said to be swearing at passing Students. Security attended but the youths had left the area. On checking the CCTV, the youths were found to be a group of children the oldest around 7 years old, the youngest around 5 years old. The Police will be informed to see if they can recognise them and give advice to their parents.

1100 Report of a strange man walking around the Music School playing a Guitar. Security attended – no one matching that description was found.

1450 Report of two naked males with an inflatable sex doll outside the Portland Building. Security attended, the area was checked but no one of that description was found.

1450 Security were requested to Highfields Sports Ground where a football team were abusing the referee. Security attended and spoke to a team from Nottingham Trent University – they were told to calm down.

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