True Crime on Campus §5

True Crime on Campus

The fifth instalment in a series of items extracted from university security reports. These are all real reports and highlight the varied nature of the challenges faced by our indefatigable security staff:

0845 Request for Security to attend an office in Trent Building. A member of staff had a pigeon in his office, which would not leave. Security attended and the pigeon was escorted from the building.

07:20 Whilst patrolling the campus Security Officers observed a man slashing at foliage with a golf club. Security spoke to the gentleman and asked him not to continue.

22:30 Security attended Archaeology and Classics Building where a fire alarm had been activated. A ‘Haze’ machine/smoke dispenser had been used in the ground floor theatre and the performers/students had forgotten to close the door, which had activated the alarm. Security ensured the ‘smoke’ was cleared and reset the alarm.

12.05 Report of a person trapped in a lift in the Medical School. It appears that the lift was being worked on by engineers when a person entered the lift car without the engineers being aware. The Fire Service were called to release the person as he was keen to use the toilet.

00:40 Security received a report from a member of the public that 3 males were fishing in the lake at the front of the Exchange Building at Jubilee Campus. Security attended and, after checking that they had no fish on them, moved them on.

23.50 Report of a suspicious vehicle parked at the rear of Cripps Hall with its engine running. Security attended and on approaching the vehicle a male and female emerged from the back seat in a state of undress. They apologized and after getting dressed left campus.

21.15 Report of a group of students with a pig’s head being offensive in a hall of residence. Security stopped the group and removed the head from them. The Warden is to be informed.

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