New Green World University Ranking

University of Indonesia produces its GreenMetric World University Ranking

The recently published table has Berkeley in first place and the University of Nottingham in second. From the press release:

As one of leading University in Asia, University of Indonesia come up with its new innovation in effort to build sustainable environment within its campus through UI Green Metric Ranking of World Universities 2010. This is the only rankings that measure each university participants in its commitment in developing an ‘environment friendly’ infrastructure as its indicator.

Based on research and survey conducted through on-line by the UI Green Metric team on thousands of universities in the world, which was conducted in May – November 2010, University of California, Berkeley, United States (total score of 8,213), is the best campus in terms of its environment policy. University of Nottingham, the United Kingdom ( total score of 8,201), and then followed by Northeastern University, United States (with score of 7,909) is in the third place.University of Indonesia is in the 15th place (with score of 6.875), position it as the best university in Indonesia based on its environment policy.

The criteria are not entirely clear:

But the results are quite interesting with four UK universities – Nottingham, Bangor, Sussex and Kent – in the leading group. The top 20 is below and the full table can be found here.

University of California, Berkeley US 8,213.18 1

University of Nottingham UK 8,201.55 2

York University Canada 7,909.14 3

Northeastern University US 7,885.73 4

Cornell University US 7,799.14 5

Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia 7,698.60 6

Washington University In St. Louis US 7,501.53 7

Georgia Institute of Technology US 7,479.51 8

University of Wisconsin-madison US 7,437.97 9

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill US 7,320.58 10

Bangor University UK 7,242.69 11

University of Sussex UK 7,087.82 12

Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral Ecuador 7,046.20 13

University of Kent UK 6,948.10 14

Universitas Indonesia Indonesia 6,875.82 15

Universidad de Alcalá Spain 6,863.83 16

King Mongkut´s University of Technology Thonburi Thailand 6,859.71 17

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Indonesia 6,817.01 18

Hokkaido University Japan 6,785.95 19

National University of Singapore Singapore 6,737.98 20

Will it catch on? Time will tell.


6 thoughts on “New Green World University Ranking

  1. Interesting stuff. Ratings and rankings always have to be taken with a lot of caution though. Nevertheless, universities must lead the way in terms of sustainability education – and practice. I run a theme page on this over at the sustainability futures blog – would be great to get your feedback.

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