True Crime on Campus §6

True Crime on Campus §6

More extracts from real Security reports. The fun continues for our hard working Security staff:

2040 Patrol Security Officers stopped a motorcyclist outside DHL Building and warned the rider not to ride the vehicle on pavements around the Building.

2220 Emergency room alarm activated in Newark Hall. Security attended. The Hall Porter stated that the cause was the occupant of the room having pulled the alarm cord by mistake.

2350 Patrol Security spoke to two males outside the Mooch Bar for urinating into a bin. They were identified an told that they would be reported for urinating on a public place.

1045 Report of a male with a dog off its lead at the rear of Melton Hall. The male was also reported to be throwing stones into the Lake. Security attended and spoke to the male who was told to leave Campus.

2020 Report of a humming noise in Sherwood Hall. Security attended but were unable to locate the cause of the noise. Estates Help Desk to be informed.

11:00 Security caught two people trying to steal out of a skip opposite entrance at Coates Building. Security made them aware that if they took anything out of the skip then this would be stealing. They were asked to leave the Campus.

0145 Patrol Security Officers observed a male asleep on a bench on the Jubilee Campus. The male was woken.

18:20 Male student attempted to climb up the fire escape adjacent to the Dearing Building, Security prevented him from doing so.

1937 Report of a naked male in the Nottingham Medical School. Security attended – the male could not be found. Cleaning Staff reported that the male was naked in the open area of the male toilets. Security are to follow up.

1630 Report of a student feeling unwell in Lincoln Hall. Security attended. The Student had collapsed and could not be aroused. [with thanks to Will Vickers for the spot]

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