True Crime on Campus §7

True Crime on Campus §7

More challenging situations for our dedicated Security team:

22:55 Security attended Rutland Hall after the Porter requested assistance. A student had left their hall to have a cigarette and his friends had turned the tap on in his room causing it to leak into the room below. The student in that room was given a humidifier and the occupant upstairs cleaned his own room. Nobody would own up to turning the tap on. The Warden to be informed.

0815 Report of a Student causing a nuisance in the Hallward Library. Security attended and spoke to the Student who was feeling unwell due to being drunk. The Student was asked to leave the Library. [Note the time]

0150 Mobile Security Officers were driving to Jubilee Campus from University Park when while driving along Triumph Road they observed a body lying on the pavement. The Officers stopped and were able to wake the male who was found to be a Student. The Student was very drunk and had passed out at the side of the road. The Student was taken to a residence where his friends stated that they would look after him.

1026 Report that the Table Tennis Table in Nightingale Hall had gone missing. Security are to follow up.

1000 Report of the theft of cushions from a sofa in Willoughby Hall. Security attended and traced the Students responsible to Ancaster Hall. The cushions have been returned. The Warden is to be informed.

1540 Further to the report of the Table Tennis Table going missing from Nightingale Hall, Security have been able to trace it to a Student’s room within Nightingale Hall. The Warden has been informed.

22:15 Security were called to Rutland Hall as five males, one of whom did not have any clothes on, were making a noise in a hall and one urinating in the Quad. They were all third and fourth year students and had no reason to be there. The naked student had left the area when Security attended. Warden to be informed.

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