More Guns on Campuses

The freedom to bear arms – in class

Piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that legislators in nine US states, including Florida, Texas, Michigan, and Arizona, are considering laws that would restrict institutions’ campus anti-gun policies:

Proposals to bar campuses from banning weapons have been common since the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, which gun-rights advocates say may have been stemmed or even prevented if students and faculty members had the ability to defend themselves. All but one of those proposals—in Utah—have failed. But legal victories for gun-rights advocates have raised questions about the rights colleges have in restricting firearms on campus.

A proposal this year in Kansas, for example, would require campuses to either maintain a certain level of security, with measures such as metal detectors and armed guards, or to allow guns on their grounds. But legislation in most states would simply bar campuses from banning guns altogether. In most cases, anyone with a valid gun license could carry weapons on campus.

Just crazy.

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