True Crime on Campus §8

True crime on campus §8

A selection of some more interesting security reports:

2210 Report that eggs had been thrown at a Shuttle Bus whilst it was passing Cripps Hill. Security attended, the area was checked, no one was found. The remains of eggs were found and a number of plants had been ripped in the area.

2200 Report of males acting suspiciously in the area of Derby / Lincoln Halls. Security attended and the area was checked. The only person found was a Student urinating up the side of a Block at Lincoln Hall. The Warden is to be informed.

18:15 Security received a telephone call from the Police that people were swimming in the Highfields Boating Lake. Security attended but nobody was found.

1325 Report of an argument taking place at the Costa Cafe in the Portland Building. On arrival Security Officers were informed that a Customer was complaining that there were worms in a cake they had purchased. Security Officers and the Staff at the Cafe examined the cake and no worms were found. The Customer was provided with a replacement cake.

14:53 Students observed on Golf Buggy driving around Campus. Students advised to remove vehicle from Campus. Security to follow up.

1820 Security were requested to attend office in the Geospatial Building as the member of Staff whose office this is thinks that they had left their portable heater on.

1735 Security received a complaint of a couple in the male toilet adjacent to the Senate Chamber making a film. Security Officers attended and after banging on the door to the toilet a couple came out. They were spoken to by Security Officers they were given advice. The male was told to get dressed.

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