2012 Complete University Guide League Table

First league table of the season

The Complete University Guide and league table is now out. The details can be found on the Guide website together with lots of other stuff (actually there really is a surprising amount of useful information in here).

Rank 2012 Rank 2011 Institution
1 (2) Cambridge
2 (1) Oxford
3 (3) Imperial College London
4 (5) London School of Economics
5 (4) Durham
6 (6) St Andrews
7 (9) University College London
8 (7) Warwick
9 (8) Lancaster
10 (12) Bath
11 (16) Bristol
12 (10) York
13 (11) Edinburgh
14 (14) Southampton
15 (24) Exeter
16 (13) King’s College London
17 (18) Nottingham
18 (15) SOAS
19 (21) Loughborough
19 (19) Sussex

So, no big surprises in there and little movement in the top 10 (apart from the Oxbridge swap at the top). Two new entries to the top 20 from Exeter and Loughborough but otherwise it’s as you were. (Modest advancement for Nottingham too, as I’m sure everyone has noticed.)

The Telegraph carries a story leading on the big news of Cambridge beating Oxford into second.


4 thoughts on “2012 Complete University Guide League Table

  1. With the £9,000 fee announced, rankings are going to become every students bible. Reputation will be paramount. Nottingham better get their backside in gear then, as 17th will impress no one.

    And Nottingham;s entry standards are still incredibly low. It had higher entry standards 8 years ago, whilst all other Russell Group 1994 Groups universities have seen as average tariff rise of about 50 points! Very odd.

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