True Crime on Campus §9

More True Crime from the University of Nottingham

A few of these show the unfortunate effects of excessive alcohol consumption and the resulting challenges for our ever-patient Security team:

2302 Security were called to a report of a fight at Hugh Stewart Hall on arrival those responsible were identified. The Police also attended but no one wished to make a complaint so those involved were allowed to leave. Due to the amount of drunken people at Hugh Stewart Hall Security remained at the Hall until 0200. The Security Supervisor was informed that conference organisers had put a large amount of money behind the bar for those present to use for the purchase of drinks. At 0100 the Security Officers who remained at the Hall were informed by the Hall Porter of a large amount of noise coming from one of the Hall Blocks. Security attended and spoke to the occupants of a room and asked them to keep the noise down. At 0145 the Security Officers who remained at the Hall heard a lot of music and noise coming from a block those involved had been spoken to earlier. The Security Officers had verbal abuse shouted at them by students who were also shouting “VISION EXPRESS”. The Warden is to be informed.

2355 Report of a blocked drain Ancaster Hall Lanes for Drains called out.
1015 Grounds Staff called out to pull a Lanes for Drains vehicle off the Grass adjacent to Ancaster Hall.

1300 Report of males with dogs Hare Coursing on University land adjacent to the Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended and told the males to leave.


14:20 Routine Security patrol found that windows on LG at Trent had all of the putty removed. Security secured the rooms. Help desk notified.

2040 Report of a white van acting suspiciously at Lenton and Wortley Hall Security attended the area was checked the vehicle was not found.

0035 Report of noise coming from Rutland Hall Security attended and identified two female conference delegates who were making the noise. They were spoken to by Security Officers. The details of the matter were passed on to the organisers of the conference.

2220 Security were called to Newark Hall to a Student who was unwell. On arrival, Security Officers found a male Student collapsed in the JCR toilets covered in vomit with a head injury and a broken wrist. It would appear that the student was in the act of vomiting when he fell forwards into the toilet bowl. An Ambulance was called and attended and the student was taken to the QMC. The Warden is to be informed.

0115 An Ambulance arrived at Jubilee Campus to go to Newark Hall. Security attended. A student from the Hall had called 999 for an Ambulance as he had drunk too much alcohol and was feeling unwell. He was checked by the Ambulance crew who confirmed that he was drunk. The Student was left to go back into the Hall the Warden is to be informed.

2 thoughts on “True Crime on Campus §9

  1. There seem to be a lot of incidents at your university! Are they all student related?

    With problems at my university, when security were called to an incident involving alcohol, as long as the student was awake and unhurt the security just took them home.

    In student accommodation it was normally the police who came and picked people up. Many students were charged with drunk and disorderly just like any other member of the public, and rightly so!

  2. Not all are student related and thankfully not that many are alcohol related either. But it’s a big place with multiple campuses and over 32,000 and 6,000 staff in the UK and therefore there is going to be a lot going on! Overall though is extremely safe for students and visitors.

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