University “cheating league table”

A rather dubious league table

The Telegraph has a story based on reported incidences of plagiarism which it describes as an:

investigation into cheating at universities, with thousands of students caught plagiarising, trying to bribe lecturers and buying essays from the internet.

As noted in a previous post this issue is really about improved detection rather than a greater prevalence of cheats.

But, anyway, given that they’ve gone to all this effort, you might like to know that the top 10 looks like this:

2005/06 2009/10
Greenwich 540 838
Sheffield Hallam 117 801
Kingston n/a 799
Westminster 840 749
East London n/a 733
Central Lancashire n/a 642
Leeds Metropolitan 157 532
Wolverhampton 360 498
Coventry 74 428
Middlesex 289 425

Bottom of the table

2005/06 2009/10
Dundee 0 0
Cambridge n/a 1
Bristol 3 2
Abertay Dundee 19 5
Durham 2 5
City 4 7
Leicester 0 8
Oxford 11 12
Essex n/a 18
Birmingham 15 20
Sheffield n/a 20

Which, of course, proves absolutely nothing other than that different institutions have different ways of recording, reporting and dealing with plagiarism.

2 thoughts on “University “cheating league table”

  1. I think the amount of cheating has increased at the same level as the detection methods that catch people. Today it is so much easier to locate essays written on a whole range of topics and even easier to pay for essays written to exact specifications.

    I’m glad to see my university wasn’t on there – assuming that it means that they didn’t cheat…not just that they didn’t get caught!

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