True crime on campus §10

More true crime on campus

More extracts from campus security reports. Some innocent, some silly and some just a bit odd. Our outstanding Security staff have to deal with just about everything.

1445 Report of a smell of burning coming from the Kitchen in L Block Derby Hall. Security and the Fire Service attended. On arrival it was discovered that a microwave had been placed on a cooking hob which was on. The Microwave had started to melt. The Safety Office is to be informed.

This will make it to the Olympics one day

2230 Report of noise coming from the Quidditch Match being played at the rear of Lincoln Hall. Security attended and spoke to the players.

2340 A Student observed two males attempting to steal the television from Sherwood Hall JCR. The offenders, knowing they had been seen, left the Hall and ran off campus. A number of students attempted to follow the offenders. Security conducted a search of the campus and surrounding area but the offenders could not be located. Police have been informed, Security are to follow up.

2010 Report of noise coming from room at Kings Meadow Campus. Security attended, the room was checked and the noise was thought to be a freezer. Checks were made later during night to ensure there were no issues in the area.

1945 Officer observed a male acting suspiciously on Melton Lane adjacent to the new greenhouse development. Officer challenged the male who became abusive and aggressive. Security Officers were asked to attend. The male explained that he was a plane spotter and was using the dark on Melton Lane to get clear footage of the incoming planes.

2045 Report of a student with a cut to his face in the Portland Building. Security Officers attended and gave First Aid. The student reported that he had been playing Hide and Seek as part of an event with the Hide and Soc Society when he had banged his face while hiding behind a chair. An accident form will be submitted.

4 thoughts on “True crime on campus §10

  1. As President of hide and soc I would like to state that the last incident mentioned in this blog is entirely untrue and after reading some of the other claims in this blog seem dubious so if the author could check his sources for their authenticity it would be much appreciated

  2. Ollie. This is taken from a real University Security report as are all of the others mentioned here. They aren’t made up. Some of them do go back a number of years so may be from before your time. I will though enquire of my colleagues in Security about this particular incident.

  3. And just to point out that the quidditch report was definitely UNRELATED to quidditch Soc as we have never played that late. If it really was quidditch it was an unconnected group of students.

  4. To chase up Tom’s comment with one from the President of Quidditch soc, I too can confirm that the report about quidditch players making noise is entirely false; as Tom says we have never played a game that late (we are always finished by 6pm latest), and are considerate society members who would never cause such a disturbance as to cause security members to be summoned. We have never received formal or informal complaints about noise.

    I’ve been on the Quidditch Soc committee from it’s first year so this couldn’t possibly have happened ‘before my time’. I think it’s more likely this disturbance was caused by a group of people entirely unrelated to the Quidditch Society who simply claimed to be playing the game.

    I’ve notified the editor of Impact Magazine that this is a false report.

    Thanks, Georgina.

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