True Crime on Campus §11

More true crime on campus: traffic trouble

Some further reports of the incidents to which our excellent Security staff have to respond. This particular set are all of a kind (apart from the last one):

15:45 Security were called to Landcroft Lane as a student’s horsebox with a horse on board had lost a wheel. Security went to assist and the student called the breakdown service.

0715 Report of a vehicle with its engine running in Willoughby Close. The vehicle did not appear to have anyone in it. Security attended and found the driver asleep on the back seat. They stated they were visiting their sister who was a Student but there was no space in her room to sleep.

13:30 Theft of a wheel from the Jubilee cycle store. Student advised to contact the Police. Security to follow.
11:25 Exit barrier at West Entrance knocked off by Nottingham City Transport Bus. Helpdesk informed.

02:55 Security noticed a driver of a moped acting suspiciously as it passed Security on Beeston lane. A registration number was obtained and Security caught up with it at the bottom of Cripps Hill. The moped then sped off after going around the QMC Island. The moped had no rear lights. A description was obtained and the Police informed. Security to follow up.

1930 Report of a mini motorcycle being ridden around L4 Security attended the rider was spoken to and found to be a member of staff. He stated that he thought it would be ok as the University was private property. Security Staff stated that it was private property however the motorcycle breaches the University Traffic Regulations and cannot be ridden on campus.

17:50 While on Patrol Security had to stop a car for driving too fast on campus. The driver was aggressive to security. Security to follow up.

1600 Report of a youth on a motorcycle causing a nuisance on the grassed areas adjacent to DHL Security attended and the area was checked but no one was found.

1130 Patrol Security Officer at Jubilee Campus observed a vehicle parked causing an obstruction adjacent to Melton Hall. The Officer went up to the vehicle when he observed that the vehicle was occupied and that the occupants were having sex in the rear of the vehicle. The Officer alerted the occupants to his presence and, when they were dressed, he warned them about the parking and behaviour.

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