The Times: 2012 University League Table

2012 University Rankings published by The Times

The new Times league table is out and there are some interesting changes. Some shuffling in the middle of the table and a couple of high climbers and a drop out.

Last year’s position in brackets:

1 Oxford (1)
2 Cambridge (2)
3 LSE  (5)
4 Imperial (3)
5 UCL (7)
6 Durham (6)
6 St Andrews (4)
8 Warwick (8)
9 Lancaster (10)
10 Exeter (12)
11 York (9)
12 Bath (13)
13 Bristol (14)
14 Sussex (21)
15 Edinburgh (11)
16 Nottingham (20)
17 Sheffield (18)
17 Leicester (15)
19 Southampton (19)
20 Loughborough (16)

Perhaps the most interesting points here:

  • Lancaster, after a meteoric rise, seems to have consolidated its position in the top 10
  • Sussex has risen 21 places in two years to enter the top 20
  • Buckingham, appearing here for the first time, sits just outside the top group at 21
  • King’s College was 12th two years ago but has now dropped to 24th
  • Nottingham continues to make steady progress (particularly pleased about that)

The full table can be found in The Times Good University Guide or you can buy the book. Both will cost you. Also on the website you can find the Subject Tables (again you will need to subscribe for access).


9 thoughts on “The Times: 2012 University League Table

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  2. I am an international student from Italy and I am extremely PROUD of my Uni (Nottingham University… RULES) I had such an amazing year, learnt a lot and has so much fun. The Student Union is one of the Greatest in the World.

  3. If you look at the final score, Nottingham was perilously close to be being 19th. Its good to see an improvement, but more needs to be done to get Nottingham consistently back into the top 15 (where it always used to be)

    With the new fees, a poor ranking could have a huge impact on applications numbers/quality, with students looking to gain the most value from their future investment.

    It may not be fashionable to ‘suck up to league tables’ amongst the university hierarchy but failing to do so, when a number of competitors clearly are, could have a negative impact on reputation that will take a long time to reverse.

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