Youth club: True crime on campus §13

More true crime on campus

In addition to dealing with the challenges presented by staff, students and visitors to campus, our indefatigable Security team also has to cope with the inappropriate activities of various groups of youths:

1920 Patrol Security Officer stopped a group of youths swimming in the Lake at Jubilee Campus. The youths were told to leave Campus.

1925 Patrol Security Officers spoke to a large group of youths on skateboards at the Jubilee Campus. They were told to leave Campus.

17:40 Security asked youths to leave Campus. A second group of youths nearby had also been reported to be throwing stones at ducks and fish in the lake, youths asked to leave Campus.

2120 Patrol Security stopped a group of youths on Jubilee Campus using skateboards. The youths were told to leave Campus.

2340 Patrol Security Officers at Jubilee Campus stopped a group of youths who were making a noise – they were told to leave Campus.

09:30 [note the time] Security asked a group of youths to leave Jubilee Campus as they were drinking brandy. Security removed the bottle and escorted them towards the gate where they were joined by more youths and they were all getting rowdy. Security called for assistance and youths soon left Campus.

13:59 Staff member witnessed BMX riders on Jubilee Campus near the Exchange building. Security attended, the youths escorted off Campus.

1501 Report of youths causing a nuisance at Jubilee Campus. Security attended – the youths left Campus as Security arrived.

1615 Report of youths in the water at the Millennium garden – Security attended.

2030 Report of youths letting off Rockets in Bramcote Woods – Security attended. On arrival it was discovered that the Scouts had an event taking place and were letting off Rockets. They were asked to let the University know if they were planning an event such as this again.

1330 Report of youths drinking with dogs in the UNSSC Garden. The dogs were loose and running around. Security attended and on arrival the youths were told to put the dogs on leads and leave the Campus.

0610 Report of youths throwing stones and exposing themselves on Beeston Lane Security attended and stopped four males one of whom is a Student. Two of the group including the Student admitted to exposing themselves to motorists as they drove past them. A file will be submitted to the Head of Security.

2100 Report of 30 children with tents in Bramcote Woods. Security attended – no children or tents were found.

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