Where is the Most Beautiful Campus?

Florida, apparently

In yet another league table, although one yet to capture the public imagination, the Princeton Review has ranked Florida Southern College the nation’s “Most Beautiful Campus”. The ranking is based on a student survey and the full story is here.

College officials learned Tuesday the campus has moved from the No. 9 spot on that list to the top ranking, and they were elated.




“I am thrilled just beyond what I can express,” said President Anne Kerr. She said the award verifies what students, faculty and staff have long known — that they are graced with a campus of tremendous beauty.

The Princeton Review’s “Most Beautiful Campus” list, one of its strongest quality of life on campus indicators, says Florida Southern is an “inspiring place to live and study.”

So, who would win the equivalent in the UK? My money’s on Nottingham, but then I am perhaps a little biased.

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