True Crime: the US campus edition

Another True Crime on Campus USA

It’s a bit like those US versions of top rated UK reality TV shows. Except it obviously isn’t. And they did it first. However, as a cursory examination of some of the highlights from this edition (featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education) will show, the UK version is much better (in my humble opinion).



10:19 a.m., August 30

Assist person—sick/injured. A student was referred to judicial affairs after striking a pole and themselves. Disposition: closed.


12:39 p.m., September 9

Trespass warning. Au Bon Pain. Officers dispatched to a report of an unwanted guest sleeping face down in a plate of food. Officers arrived, located the individual, and conducted a field interview. The individual was checked for wants/warrants with negative results. The individual was issued a trespass warning for Au Bon Pain and sent on their way. Status: closed.


1:05 a.m., September 16

Welfare check. G-13 Student Parking. Officer out in G-13C with three individuals by the woods. Subject was about to urinate and was advised not to.

I refer you to a sample of the domestic True Crime on Campus posted earlier this year. What do you reckon? Is True Crime on Campus USA better than the UK version? (Note that True Crime on Campus §15 will be along in the near future.)

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