A new UK university league table – based on (a few) student rankings

There’s a new league table on the block

Welcome to the university league table which has been influenced by student feedback from all across the United Kingdom – find the most popular university, rated by students that currently study there or have been studying there. Honest, unbiased reviews, uninfluenced by the universities themselves, that show both sides of UK university life – the good and the not so good.

Younilife – The Student Website claims to offer a new kind of league table. It certainly makes interesting reading:

1 Kingston University 100.0%

2 Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) 99.5%

3 Anglia Ruskin University 97.0%

4 Southampton Solent University 96.0%

5 Oxford Brookes University 94.5%

6 St Andrews University, Fife 94.5%

7 Loughborough University 94.0%

8 Hull University 93.0%

9 Glasgow University 92.5%

10 Exeter University 90.8%

11 De Montfort University 89.0%

12 Huddersfield University 89.0%

13 Bath University 86.8%

14 Cardiff University 83.5%

15 Canterbury Christ Church University 83.0%

16 Leeds University 82.0%

17 Portsmouth University 82.0%

18 Liverpool John Moores University 81.7%

19 Cambridge University 81.0%

20 University College London, University of London (UCL) 80.0%

(accessed on Saturday 19 November)

An interesting ranking. And rather different from the main UK league tables. However, it doesn’t seem terribly rigorous. Especially when you note that Kingston’s position at the top of this particular table is based on ratings by only two students. Indeed none of the institutions in the top 10 has more than three votes. You can rate your uni here in 10 different areas:


Your vote on accessibility Accessibility & Location
How well is the university accessible? Cost of travel etc. Where is your university located? Attractiveness of location?
Your vote on accommodation Accommodation
What is your room like? Is the price justified?
Your vote on facilities Facilities
What sport/IT/Library facilities are available and what is their status and quality?
Your vote on student union Student Union
What is the SU like, do they support you effectively?
Your vote on security Security
Do the students feel safe? How easy is it for non-students to access the campus?
Your vote on nightlife Nightlife
What is the nightlife like in and around the university?
Your vote on canteen and shops Canteen & Shops
What is the food quality and choice in the canteen? Range of shops available? How would you rate their service and range of products?
Your vote on student/tutor ratio Student-Tutor Ratio
How many students are there in relation to tutors? Are the lectures and seminars overcrowded?
Your vote on the town Town & Gown
How well does the town or city in which the university is located relate to the students? are there appropriate students discounts?
Your overall feedback Conclusion
What is your overall impression you have gained during your time at university?

Early days perhaps but think they will need a bit more audience participation before they are challenging the big boys.

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